I’m a recently graduated mature student from Donegal. I love design and over the years of studying I have become more and more obsessed with type, grids and code to name a few. This obsession has transformed me into a design geek, and my desire to learn more will continue to grow. I like the prospects of a new challenge and also jumping into different technology platforms, but most of all I want to work with you.
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My Résumé
Reunite Campaign
This motion type campaign is on behalf of a U.S. citizen child. The campaign for the child is for his right to have his father, who has been deemed an illegal immigrant, back into his life.
The solution is to connect with the audience on the emotional issues and direct them to support the campaign through the campaign’s social media page.
Emissions Campaign
This campaign is designed to create awareness of the climate change problems affecting us today and persuade people to do something about it. The goal of the brief is to bring governments together to the UN table,
to agree to legislate global limits on carbon emissions. The solution brought people together through various types of media to tell their story in order to put pressure on governments to listen.
True Love
True Love by Isaac Asimov is a science fiction story first published in 1977. The outcome for the revamped design is to explore computerised symbolic language as computers have become increasingly integrated into our lives in the 21st century.
The outcome for the promotional campaign is to create interest directed at a new generation of science fiction readers.
LYIT Website
The objectives of the LYIT site are to design a responsive layout that’s fun, creative and informative, with the aim of attracting potential new students for the Institute.
A dynamic website was produced that characterised the creative aspect of the LYIT design department which included comical short animations illustrating student experiences.
One of the key aspects for the strategy is the convenience of the brand. This has been developed and displayed on the company’s logo, capitalising on their unique selling point as a healthy food delivery service. Almost all of Graze’s products have a traditional value in their appearance and how they’re produced,
which people connect to healthy eating. The strategy behind the brands graphics is to give them a traditional feel, which is formed using crafted printing techniques to emphasize this value and differentiate the brand from alternative snack brands.
Coastal Defence
The plaque design is in memory of the coastal defence personnel who served in the Swilly forts from 1938.
The tasks in undertaking this project included photography, manipulating images and outsourcing work for print production to professional standard.

J.F.K's Funeral
The information stand commemorates the anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s funeral at which Colonel Brian O’Reilly wore this uniform over fifty years ago.
Responsibilities included photo restoration, exhibit design and communicating specifications to the print technicians.

LYIT Exhibition
The objective of the brief is to create an identity for the LYIT design department’s end of year exhibition and also develop a branding style for the show through promotional material along with a wayfinding system.
Rest of project to be photographed soon.